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Our Legacy - From Beech Aerospace Services, Inc. (BASI) to L-3 Vertex Aerospace:

L-3 Vertex Aerospace LLC originally began as an internal department of Beech Aircraft of Wichita, Kansas, to provide after-sale maintenance/supply support for Beech products sold to the U.S. Dept. of Defense.

In 1977, Beech Aerospace Services, Inc. (BASI) was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Beech Aircraft of Wichita, Kansas. At its time of incorporation, BASI provided maintenance and supply support for the C-12 Tri-Services fleet, the Navy T-34 and T-44 pilot-training aircraft and the Army Missile Target Program.

In 1979, BASI moved its headquarters from Wichita to Jackson, Mississippi.

In 1980, Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) purchased Beech Aircraft and its subsidiaries, including BASI. Beech Aircraft and BASI continued to operate under their former names, but with the tagline: "Beech Aircraft, a Raytheon company" and "BASI, a Raytheon company".

In 1989, BASI moved its headquarters a few miles north of Jackson to Madison, Mississippi. At the Madison facility, the company operates two certified FAA repair stations, and performs a host of home-office administrative functions, such as contract administration, proposal development, program management, strategic planning and administration, information technology, purchasing, warehousing, human resources, finance and payroll.

In 1995, Raytheon Company asked that all its subsidiaries adopt the Raytheon name. Beech Aircraft changed to Raytheon Aircraft Company and BASI changed to Raytheon Aerospace Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raytheon Aircraft Company.

Also in 1995, Raytheon Company acquired E-Systems, including its' subsidiary company, ServAir. Raytheon Aerospace Company acquired ServAir.

On June 27, 2001, Raytheon Company divested 73.5% of its interest in Raytheon Aerospace to Veritas Capital, a private equity investment firm based in New York. Raytheon Company retained the remaining 26.5% ownership. The new, stand-alone company became Raytheon Aerospace LLC. This divestiture included a two-year agreement for Raytheon Aerospace to continue using the Raytheon name.

On June 20, 2003, Per the divestiture agreement with Raytheon Company, Raytheon Aerospace LLC changed its name to Vertex Aerospace LLC

On Dec. 1, 2003, Vertex was aquired by L-3 Communications Corporation (NYSE: LLL). The company is now called L-3 Communications Vertex Aerospace LLC (L-3 Vertex.) L-3 Vertex remains based in Madison, Mississippi and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of L-3 Communications, and is part of L-3ís Integrated Systems Group.

L-3 Vertex contacts:

New Business and Supplier Inquiries
(601) 607-6320

Media Inquiries and Corporate Affairs
(601) 607-6411

Past employment verifications:
Fax written requests to: (601) 607-6360

Main switchboard:
(601) 856-2274

L-3 Vertex Aerospace LLC
555 Industrial Drive South
Madison, MS 39110 USA





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